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Nothing like seeing 3OH!3 and being at the barricade the entire time with your besties on a tuesday night, hahaha <3

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Omg jealoussss! I wanted to go but couldn't find a ride. Were they amazingggggg?

Ohmygod YES. They took forever to set up (not really sure why, because there was NOTHING on stage) but it was so worth it, and so worth being squished up against the barricade the whole time. They did this ADORABLE coordinated dance move during Starstrukk and Nat was shaking his booty like a stripper in a Vegas nightclub during Holler Til You Pass Out. It was so much fun <3 Innerpartysystem was reallllly good too.

Awww. Nat is my absolute favorite. It sounds like it was really fun though :)

Oh man, his dance moves (well, both of them) are too cool for school :] You definitely need to go to their show next time they come around, it was ridiculously fun.

Eehh. Weird way to ask this but do you have a larger picture or know where i can find one of your icon?

Of the Singer/ Jonas Brothers one? here! If it's another one, let me know, I'm sure I can find it for you. :]

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